Take The Plunge

Take the plunge. Nobody ever discovered the hidden treasures of the ocean by scouring the surface.

At whatever stage in life you are at, if you ever come across a fleeting thought or opportunity or dream that sets alight a tingle of exhilaration inside of you – then I urge you to take the plunge. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose feat – it’s all about discovering what experiences you like and don’t like. It’s all about challenging yourself to rise to things outside of your comfort zone, to stretch your capabilities and dare yourself to dance in the unknown. To extinguish those thoughts of ‘no way, how could I?’ to ‘yes I’ll give that a shot, what have I got to lose?’ Pursue those thoughts that make your skin tingle with excitement and uncertainty, pursue those dreams that could potentially change your life. You are always one decision, one step, one action away from writing a chapter that could turn into your best-selling book. Take that new job offer, live or study abroad, discover the world within by discovering the world outside. Meet new people, connect with them, try to understand those who are worlds apart from what you’re normally used to. Challenge your horizons, change your horizons. The line that separates the oceans from the skies need not exist within your world. Create those horizons. The treasures of the world are found by digging deep, by trial and error, by peeling back layers and layers until you reach the core of something you never knew existed. They are found by testing limits and turning over boulders, by setting free those clouded thoughts within your mind fluttering around like caged birds. Don’t live your life just by scouring the surface of the ocean – you won’t find anything there. Take the plunge.

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