The Most Significant Things In Life Are Unquantifiable

Our lives are governed by numbers. The clock ticks and we age another precious year. Perhaps the most significant things in life are unquantifiable – love, beauty, happiness and meaning. 


We are graced on this Earth through the beautiful creation of mankind – the collision of cells that give birth to life and with it, comes a journey of finding meaning, seeking identity, defining humanity and above all, achieving the cloud nine definitions of happiness, love, success and wealth. We are born, time-stamped ‘time of birth’, and then we pass, marked ‘time of death’, and everything in between is indexed by all the numbers that’s ever characterised us. The years of age we’ve lived, the number of years we’ve been happily married, the debate between whether the best years of our lives are during our freshman 20’s, our dirty 30’s, or arguably the freedom 50’s.

Our lives are governed by numbers. One of the first things we ever learn in this world is to count in order numerically, and little did we know we would be counting every little thing in this world, allowing such trivial things to become important. We count the number of ex-partners we’ve had, the number of people we’ve slept with. We count properties we own, dollars in the bank, promises that have been broken, lies that we have told. The clocks tick away, counting down the seconds until our shift at work ends, until the movie is over, until we reach our destination on the GPS. We count every year we turn older, a celebratory tradition that slowly transforms into a modestly quiet acknowledgement as we edge closer and closer towards seniority. We are even told to count our blessings, as if the mere thought of identifying the things we are grateful for in our mind serves as a blanket of positivity, without first acknowledging the things that are hindering us from achieving a constant state of gratitude.

Perhaps this shows us that in life, the most beautiful and significant things in life are thus unquantifiable, and the beauty in that is that we each get to create and define our own measurements and meanings of these things. There is no numeric measure or definition of happiness, or success. There is no quantitative figure for love nor the lengths of how far you will go for the things and people you love. There is no weighted measure for the things that give you meaning in life – because these are all the things that transcend definitions and confinements ruled out by measurements. Instead, the most significant things in life should be a state of mind – a spiritual and conscious enlightenment found within yourself. There is no figurative sum of money that attributes to success. That is no tape measure long enough to determine the lengths you would go for those you love. There is no calculation or equation that displays what the ideal love or relationship is like – and this is what makes each of these things so uniquely intriguing because we get to create, mould, define and establish all of these essences that mean the most to us. In this convoluted world infected by mankind’s creations, numbers make the world a complex place. But life is supposed to be all about the simple things – and that’s the beauty of it all.

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