We Are All Made Of Talent

Believe that you harness beautiful gifts to share with the world. Why smother a wildfire that has the potential to reach even the furthest and coldest corners of the world. So go, find that matchstick within and waste not another second to ignite its flame.

We are all good at something. And for those who are already singling yourself out by denying that fact – let me break it to you. We are all undeniably good at something – in fact there are many things that we are good at that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for. We may not be an Olympian at the sports we play, nor an artisan in our day to day creations, but we are each pioneers of our own talents because they are uniquely characterised by us and how we convey them.

Take a moment to reflect and think about the things you are good at. And in moments like this, be awfully truthful and honest without selling yourself short. This isn’t a space for self-doubt or self-loathe, and for those that are battling those demons, the first step is to set yourself free from your own chains of self destruction.

We are all talented, in one way or another. Understand that talent is most often expressed and admired in people who are widely renowned in this world, those who are classified as the best of the best, those who we put on high pedestals because they have set the benchmark so high that anything remotely average and less of excellent is not seen as a talent. But let’s reshape the way we see talent and redefine that as simply: the things we are good at.

The things we are good at do not need to be feats of achievements nor does it need to be recognised through awards and recognition. Being a good listener is as incredible of a talent as ice figure skating. Enjoying the culinary art of cooking is as talented as inventing ground breaking medicinal strains for cancer. The sheer size of your talent cannot be compared to anything else because all the things that you are good at, you are undoubtedly making a positive impact in this world by touching those around you in a way that makes your heart and soul happy.

So think – give it a good thought and do not sell yourself short. What are the things that make you, you? Most commonly, the things you love doing the most and the qualities that define you are easily associated with your talents. These can be small effortless things that you may not even realise you are great at. Once you realise what these talents are, learn to manifest them into bigger and better things. You may be an intuitive person who is able to create deep and meaningful connections with each of your friends. You may be always punctual and value the precious moment of time which can influence your organisational skills.  You may be someone who is always able to see the positive side of things and in turn, the uncanny ability to tune into hindsight and turn even the most negative experiences into positive outcomes. You may enjoy meaningful conversations, or have a niche in listening to good music, or an eye for unique and in-style fashion. You may have a thirst for knowledge or an ever-absent mind of curiosity that sees your imagination running wild.

We all have talents within each of us – and whether we choose to recognise it and acknowledge it is the only constraint we place on unlocking the full potential of what we are capable of. So I urge you, find the things that make you so uniquely you and fine tune those things that spark that little bit of joy inside your heart – whatever that may be. And once you’ve identified these little sparks, strike a match and let the explosive passion engulf every little nook and cranny inside you and let it shine outwards to the world.

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