The Jagged Pieces That Make Us Whole

There is a piece of every one you have once loved embedded inside your heart. Cherish those pieces, whether a jagged shard or a misfit jigsaw piece. This is a mark of growth; the presence of love and loss.

They say we are made up of the average of our closest five friends. And in truth, many of our adopted characteristics and traits are most definitely influenced by those closest 5 people in our lives. But what hits even closer to home, is that inside us, there is a piece that stays with us of every person who we have given our heart to, of every person who we have opened up to and let in so dangerously close to our purest and most vulnerable state.

We carry with us a cloak weaved from the fabrics of our past – the special few whom we’ve given the needle and thread to lace patterns and patches etched into our every day armour. These familiarities soon become a part of who we are, long after their physical presence has left us and memories become a thing of the distant past. And for so long we try to fight this, during our grieving period of forgetting those who hurt or left us, holding bated breaths while we erase precious but painful memories, forcing ourselves to repaint the canvas that was once illuminated with colours of who they are.

But in healing, there comes a moment where we learn to accept and embrace that those who played a significant and meaningful part in our lives, whether past or present, will always have a piece of themselves embedded in the roots of our hearts. These things never leave us, they are experiences and creations that exist to show that what you had between someone you once cared about, was real, and genuine, and meaningful, and everything that was right in that moment in time.

We carry with us shared moments and shared laughter, songs that hit notes and chords within us deeper than that to the ears of those who didn’t share our secrets and idiosyncrasies. When we revisit places, we don’t think of destinations but instead we see wonderful past times. When we tell stories there is a part of them that will always belong in our anecdotes. When we revisit those periods in our lives, we cannot deny that they were the ones who were the most important to us at that time, that made us happiest and knew us more than we knew ourselves.

And it is those moments that are all little tiny pieces of the battles we have fought that make us who we are today, the names of those important ones etched into our heart, fine lines like thin initials carved into tree trunks in the hopes of capturing a moment in time forever. We can lose love, but love never loses us. It will always stay with us, and we should let it stay with us, as indications of the almosts that never quite made it into the present world. And until we find that someone that takes part in our present life rather than a distant feeling in our heart or a distant memory in our mind. We should remember to be cautious with those we let deep into our lives, for they will always become embedded as a piece inside us.

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