The Present Moment – The Here and Now

Are we trying to cross bridges before coming face to face with them? We chase the illusion of tomorrow and ignore the promise of today. Paradoxically, we hold onto the promises of a tomorrow and glaze over the illusion of the present.

Living in the present moment is a state of mind that we are all wary of exercising and achieving, however most of us are so overwhelmed with everything but the present – that achieving this is actually more of a challenge than a blessing. We spend copious amounts of our brain power and mental energy thinking and worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, trying to manoeuvre around worst case scenarios and play out complicated situations inside our head. Many times, events that unfold are so far from how we have predicted them to turn out that it was a complete waste of energy to focus on something that hasn’t even happened yet.

As the saying goes, “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there” takes the emphasis of freeing our minds of our future problems and focusing on the things in front of us. We spend so much of our day to day energy transfixed on things that are out of our reach that the present moment of what’s in front of us is simply passing through us. We become empty zombies concentrating on the things to come, rather the things that are and the state of being. So many of us are living based on our future self and our perceived future occurrences, and we fail to notice the things that are happening right in front of our eyes.

When we watch our kids grow up, we fall into the trap of overthinking about their future rather than pausing to absorb the refreshing taste of innocence and youthfulness. When we are burdened with the anxiety of tomorrow, we forget to nourish ourselves with proper nutrition, adequate rest and neglect ourselves from the things happening in the present moment, or we deem them as ‘less important’.

This vicious cycle can fall into a deadly habit of constantly focusing on things that haven’t yet happened, thus are out of our control. Consequences of this can become severe as months and years can pass where we don’t actually live our lives in the present moment because we are so transfixed on the idea of tomorrow. We then become creatures who are living under the preconceived promise of a tomorrow by dismissing the beauty of now.

So don’t waste your energy on the things that aren’t directly affecting and impacting your life in this very moment. Tomorrow isn’t a promise, nor is it in our control. We are throwing away the blessing of seeing and feeling all that there is around us with a gamble of dwelling on a mere illusion of events that have not yet unfolded. Embrace the now, feel the present, relish in the things that we can take joy in, listen to what is happening around us and for everything else – just cross that bridge when you get there, for things will always work out in their own magical ways.

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