The Inner Paradise

Of all the untouched places and the secret corners of this world, I found that the most complex and beautiful ones are found and made within us.

When we think of the most beautiful places on this Earth, we think of incredible islands which boast fine white sand that encapsulates ribbons of sapphire clear waters. We think of pristine lagoons that are tucked away, untouched behind bristles of palm trees and coconuts. We think of grandiose mountains with their peaks beyond the clouds, almost touching the Sun. We think of nature at its biggest and finest, colossal creations we dare not even imagine we can one day witness. There are worlds out there beyond planet Earth; galaxies yet to be discovered and spaces yet to be conquered.

But yet many of us forget to look inward. We often neglect the vast world within us and dismiss our own living and breathing cells that reflect our very own beautiful sanctuary. We are puppeteers of our mind, creators of our own existence and creations of our own magic. We are living, breathing beings who are capable of feeling an eternal spectrum of emotions, of building monuments and defying gravity from the spark of mere thoughts, of pushing past our physical limitations and fine tuning our motor skills to become masters of special talent. The things we are capable of are ignited by the smallest flames inside us; driven by the sheer force of passion and desire and power. We are curious creatures who want to uncover the fog that covers the Universe’s mysteries; we want to discover ground breaking revelations.

Many of us don’t realise the depth of how powerful our emotions and thoughts can be – the magnitude of how much we can love someone which can consume us and drive us to the brink of insanity. The abundance of terrible crime in this world is driven by the uncontrolled extremity of one’s emotions – murder by jealousy or hatred, theft from greed, betrayal and cannibalism by starvation – it only gets worse as the list goes on. Our worlds within created and felt by the wrong minds can have devastating impacts, but wielded by the right artisan can sow incredible seeds. The most astonishing medicinal breakthroughs are those fuelled by the determined victim affected by the loss of cancer’s battle, the lengths of how far we traverse across the world to see someone we adore run purely on our engine of love. 

Our minds have depths of an ocean and more inside them and we are driven on the complexity of our raw emotions and how we respond to them. There are things that we feel which don’t even make sense to us, questions that skim the surface of our minds that make us question existential ideologies beyond our understanding. Our thoughts become drivers of our actions, and our actions are pushed to beyond their capabilities by the determination in our mind. It’s an ever-revolving cycle of co-creation forever pushing us to do better, to be better, and to seek more and more. We are curious souls that thrive on satisfaction and a discovery of the unknown – yet for most of us we shut out the beauty of within and seek fulfillment in worldly things before having yet unlocked the shadows within.

So go, take the time out to listen to the voices inside your mind and begin to de-clutter the different layers that you hide beneath. Unravel the universe within, make way for the stars to shine, erase the blanket of grey that shields a vision of clarity. Be mindful in your thoughts and emotions, for they are the creators of your actions and intentions and purpose. And be mindful of your actions, for they are the product of your thoughts and emotions, which can either create or destroy life.

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