The Things That Matter To The Real You

We can hide and bury the truth of who we are, but the truth will always find us eventually. Learn to be who you are in your truest and purest form, and embrace the feeling of liberation like no other.

We live in a paradoxical world where the most significant things in life are quickly losing their meaning, paving way for a bigger emphasis on the trivial and less important matters that are beginning to impact us more and more. In an exponentially steep digital advance towards adopting two personas, we are at a constant split between juggling the two – our real life physical bodies in the flesh and our online presence: the creation we put together to project a seemingly flawless illusion of our lives that is always hanging above the levels of pure ecstasy and joy and never any less.

In this increasingly digital age we are becoming more and more aware of our image and the perception of what people think of us and focusing less on the things in this world that really matter. We become so absorbed on creating images of happiness that we slowly disregard everything that comes so dangerously close to revealing who we really are. We are slowly hiding behind screens that protect us, speaking words that don’t resonate their true meaning or even worse, have any meaning at all. We forge illusions of ourselves to give off false impressions with misleading intentions and we strive to always put our best foot forward, even if it means suppressing who we really are and burying the truth deep down beneath us.

We are born in this world to be fighters of all things terrible and to share with each other the beauty that marks our soul as we learn what life is all about. Beauty, in its traditional sense, is all about aesthetically pleasing features and associated with all things positive. But real beauty in life, as we come to know, is the revelation of something so raw and vulnerable that we are then finally able to admire in awe of something in its purest form. Think of Earth’s gifts, always being associated with the admirable beauty boasting of marvelous waterfalls or canyons big enough to create an underground world of its own – we absorb these creations and their natural healing powers because they are so magnificent in their untouched yet majestic size. Like the carbon footprint, we are slowly destroying this natural beauty when we are polluting the world with mankind creations, diluting the purity of these natural essences and spoiling them with our toxic waste.

In the same way, we feel the need to cover up our identities and our lives through meaningless interactions and allowing what shouldn’t matter to increasingly matter. We see pain as weakness, sadness as burden, struggles as flawed and failures as unsuccessful. We associate happiness through the lens of interactive platforms that give no value nor meaning to each of our comical exchanges, which has led to a birth of its own behaviour and online etiquettes that we try to adopt and master in order to further add another layer to who we are.  

When we strip away all the layers that we have built to shield us from being hurt, we are left with the real meaning of what we value and who we are. When we strip away the superficiality of what happiness should look like versus what happiness really is, we are left with a black and confronting abyss between what we choose to project and what we currently have. And when we are stripped away of these illusions we project through a lens to amplify what we want others to think and feel about us, we are left with nothing but our own vulnerable and naked state; a marionette waiting to be shaped and enhanced by something of valuable meaning and real purpose.

And it is through this revelation that we need to stay true to ourselves, to understand that the relationship you have with yourself shouldn’t be separated by layers upon layers of a misconstrued identity to feed into a place of falsified happiness. It should be a journey of discovering what is real and important to you irrespective of the judgement of others; a journey of self-realisation of the priorities, the people, and the values that resonate closest to your heart, and the definition what being true to yourself really means.

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