Don’t Be Smart, Be Compassionate

Compassion is felt with the heart. Intelligence is seen with the eyes. We value the things we feel over the things we see – there is nothing that can recreate the warmest moments we feel other than remembering and reciprocating those acts of kindness.

There is an abundance of intelligence in this world. The people on this Earth have talent – and there is absolutely no doubt about it. We have geniuses among us ever since the beginning of time, forging creations from nothing and changing the world with just a spark of inspiration.

In a world where competition is so high, reputation is so proudly sought after and innovation is held in its highest regard, intelligence is what everyone strives to be. It’s a loose umbrella term that encapsulates those who are recognised for their greatness, used for those that are placed in the top percentile of what they do. Those who work hard, are intelligent. Those who are well educated, high income earners with bank-breaking assets, are intelligent. Although not the most accurate definition, it’s what our society associates these attributes with and ultimately puts the idea of intelligence on a pedestal.

In a society where the kindness of mankind is as delicate as terrors of mass destruction, we are becoming increasingly smart people with less and less compassion for the love of others. Technology has advanced at such an alarming growth that it has fuelled the intelligent minds to always seek bigger and better improvements. We are an efficient community – we are always wanting to discover the fastest and most seamless ways of executing, delivering and communicating, and in an increasingly fast-paced society, we forget the most important thing that makes us all human.

Compassion is the connection to others around us. It’s the act of kindness and empathy and understanding and being able to be offer a helping hand, even though it was never asked for. Compassion illuminates our vulnerability, it shows what we are really made of when all the superficial and materialistic things are put behind us. Compassion is what we should all strive to be, not intelligence, because in a world full of compassion, great things will naturally be created through the power of being good to each other. We are at our best when we collaborate, when our hands and minds work with those who are like-minded and strive for success in the shape of unified happiness and glory. We are at our happiest when we bring each other up, when we support those who support us back without the need to explain or justify ourselves.

At the end of the day, compassion is what will allow us to win in this challenging journey of life. Compassion is when our hearts vibe with the ones next to us, when we fall and have those fall with us in order to help us get back up on our feet. Compassion is felt through gestures that will touch us for our whole lives – those moments that we will never forget because the ripples of kindness are infinite and timeless. We will never forget what it feels like to have someone understand us as if they were living in our own skin.

Chase compassion, not intelligence, for we are all born to be great, but not all of us are born to be kind.

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