The Number One Most Valuable Thing

Money feeds our egos. Human connection feeds our souls.

Nature versus nurture – one of the biggest debates that define our existence. Are we born to be who we are, or are we influenced to be who we are?

Our DNA and genetic makeup play a big role and influence over certain characteristics in our character and personality, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any control over who we are. We may not be able to change our physical characteristics, but with our mind and knowledge and power over our thoughts, we have every ability to reinvent who we are for the better, choosing pro-activeness rather than a submissive acceptance of what we are made up of.

This allows us to explore the idea that who we are can be completely different to who we choose to be – and whether we choose to act on that or not is completely up to us and how conscious we are of our imperfections and what we want to better ourselves in order to become someone we are proud of. A vast majority of us recognise our flaws, but do nothing about it. We either blame our genetic makeup, think it’s impossible to change something inherent within us, or are too lazy to put in the effort to change the habits needed to make this happen.

With the power of our mind and the knowledge of what attributes about us we want to change or improve, we have the ability to become better versions of ourselves. What we place an emphasis on our minds to change, our bodies and behaviour will eventually develop a habit into being that person and embodying those traits. We are given a canvas at birth to paint and recreate ourselves – although some of us hardly even use the colours at our disposal to create our own artworks. Many of us find it easier to play the victim game and sit on our flaws like they are made of concrete. We aren’t doing ourselves any favours when we feed in to this feeling of complacency.

The reality is that the person we are can be completely different to the person we decide we want to be. Many of us are made to be great, but seldom of us are born great. We are malleable creatures, shaped by what we are put through either by choice or by the inevitable fate, but we always have an influence over our behaviour and our actions. Everything is a choice in life, and the ones that aren’t, can still be influenced over the choice in how we choose to accept or react to the things that happen to us.

So choose to be a better version of yourself, choose to be a better you than yesterday. Choose to be positive, productive and patient. Choose to be kinder, more compassionate and understanding. Choose happiness, not bitterness. Choose honesty, not deceit. You can be born with certain flaws, but you can choose to turn these flaws into your traits and refine them into your strengths. The person you are today can be different to the person you choose to be tomorrow. And with every little tweak and adjustment you make day by day, contributes to a colossal shift in growth as the weeks and months pass by.

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