Success Comes From Starting Today

Start today, for tomorrow does not exist, nor will you ever get anything done by starting tomorrow.

We are notorious culprits of embracing tomorrow being the start of something great. We love to wait until tomorrow, to start something new tomorrow and that tomorrow will be a better day. Many of us are hard-hitters and go-getters being all or nothing type of people. We either give it all we got and use our energy into achieving what we want, or we give up for the day, fall back into our old habits or our routine of comfort and tell ourselves we’ll try harder tomorrow or do a better job tomorrow.

Have you ever heard of the guilt-ridden confession “Diet starts tomorrow” as they propel themselves into a series of unhealthy eating habits for the remainder of the day, or week, all from the catalyst of one small slip-up which made them feel like they’ve failed? This all or nothing approach is what causes our mind to write off the rest of the day while we try to make ourselves feel better by promising the idea of a better tomorrow. 

Waiting until tomorrow to give it your best shot is the ultimate way to procrastinate in life and will not get you anywhere near your goals and desired achievements. We think that tomorrow will give us a renewed energy, a fresh feeling of inspiration and passion and fuel to accomplish what we cannot today, but in truth it becomes a cycle of continuous procrastination. We sit on these ideas of tomorrow because it makes us feel good and gives us an illusion of being productive, after all, what we lack today can be fulfilled tomorrow, right?

The reality is that dreams aren’t accomplished by thinking of what we can do better in the future. We achieve great things by giving it our best right now and focusing on how we can give it all of our energy in the here and now. The present moment deserves the best of who we are, it deserves us to channel all of our mental and physical energy into being one step closer to our dreams and goals. The longer we spend thinking about how we can do this better tomorrow, is every minute of energy wasted on not doing the best we can in the here and now. Thus, it is the delay that causes us to fail, not the little ‘failures’ we experience in our day to day.

Every day, by putting in our very best and consciously trying to put in our best effort will create a productive and healthy routine that will have you naturally doing bigger and better as each day passes. We are smart creatures and our brain adapts at lightning speed, so when we tell ourselves that we can give up today and start anew tomorrow, it sends negative signals to our brain that allows it to give up, to switch off, to be lazy, to embrace bad habits and ultimately, to be okay with all of this behaviour. We are subconsciously lowering the bar for ourselves, when in fact, in order to be productive and successful, we should be aiming to increase the bar ever so slightly as each day passes so we can continuously aim higher, reach further and be better, regardless of how small these increments are.

Whatever it is that you’re wanting to accomplish, regardless of how big your goals might be, never fall into the trap of starting tomorrow. The idea of tomorrow is just a cushion for your downfall, it’s an empty promise to make yourself feel better about doing nothing or not giving it your best today. Starting tomorrow is the biggest lie you can tell yourself and the biggest way in selling yourself short, because if you don’t have the dedication and energy to start today, if the journey does not start in this present moment, then tomorrow does not exist.

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