Why Your Past Should Remain In The Past

We all have a past that shapes us into who we are today. But let that only be a thing of the past, for the more you let the lines blur with the present, means you’re only going to be anchored by events that are already cemented in concrete.

Our past shapes us; it strengthens and grows us and moulds us into the unique person we are today. Everything we are today we owe it to everything we have felt, experienced, lost and loved in the years put behind us. We’ve all gone through different levels of pain and been exposed to different magnitudes of hurt. We’ve all fought our own battles, some differing worlds apart and some being more similar to each other’s than imaginable.

Some of us fall imprisonment to our past – we become defined by it as certain memories or feelings replay over and over in our mind. We carry scars from such trauma and whilst our physical body is moving along with the present current, our mind and behavioural patterns are still trapped in that moment or that period because we haven’t learnt to let go yet.

We need to wake up to reality and come to realise that the more we are living in our past, the less we are living in the present moment. We therefore become scattered between the realms of the past and the future, and cease to never exist in our present. Dwelling in the past can become a dangerous place for us to rest our mind because we are continually revisiting painful memories and digging up events that have impacted our life in a negative or hurtful way. When we become transfixed with the past, we are no longer moving forward with our lives but choosing to live in the shadows of our older selves.

Not being able to let go of the past and continuing to dwell on past events is like looking at an established skyscraper and wanting to change the scaffolds that make up its foundation. In order to change the scaffolding, you would have to demolish the entire monument and rebuild its entire structure. Unfortunately, our lives cannot be rewritten like that and we are not architects of our own foundations.

Our past should be just that – it should remain in the past. We should not be victims of it nor succumb to be just products of its events. We should throw away the shovels that we love so much to repeatedly dig up what has already occurred, and learn to cast a light to extinguish the shadows of our former selves that haunt our current minds. To the toxic people who have hurt us, and the things we are not proud of, the shells we have grown out of and the homes we have moved out of – whether literally or figuratively, let them all go and let them remain a thing of what has been, and not what is. Keep your eyes forward for the things that you are and the things to be, because the longer you spend holding onto your past is yet another wasteful day you have neglected of the present.

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