The Emphasis On The Things That Don’t Matter

We have everything that matters to us already. Everything that we chase for and everything that gets us down – they’re just the cherries on top of this big piece of cake called life.

Our minds are such complex entities that can serve as both a beautiful blessing or a toxic demise to those who feel depths beyond the simple spectrum. Our minds become the root instigator of being between emotions – of feeling ecstatic, ever-lasting joy or caught in a slumped and depressive lull.

Some of us tend to navigate towards things that bring out certain emotions within us. You’ll find that there are some people who strive to be positive, some others who gravitate towards the more grim things in life or those who chase after certain experiences or people to bring out these favoured feelings in us. We are driven by emotion – there is a reason in everything that we do and the underlying root cause is because we feel a certain way towards it. We go to work because we feel that it is the right thing to do, that having a job is the way life is cut out for us in the traditional sense. We focus on health and exercise because we are drawn towards improving our bodies and nurturing our health with the right nutrition. We want to feel our best and live in our best bodies. We make friends and pick and choose the ones who stay in the majority of our lives because we enjoy the feeling of companionship and embrace the mutual feelings of a genuine connection.

With all these things going on in our lives, driven by how we are either taught to think, yearn to feel or believe we should be, it becomes incredibly easy to be tangled among all things chaotic amidst what should be a simple ‘bigger-picture’ view. We become anxious over this increased emphasis on the things that shouldn’t matter that lead us towards a path of discontentment and unhappiness, which leaves us with an impression that we are not on the right path towards living our best life. Our views of the things that matter become warped the more we focus on the wrong things or the less important things. And ultimately, this is how we all get caught up – by drawing our magnifying glasses and picking at the faint blemishes when we look at ourselves in the mirror.

We are highly critical individuals – we over-analyse with sky-high expectations of ourselves. We want the things that are going sour in our lives to be turned up the right way around, and we want the things that are going well to be doubling in success. We want our diamonds to gleam brighter and our dreams to soar higher. And in the midst of these chases, we lose sight of the foundations that matter.

We become tangled in body image misconceptions as we lose sight of the definition of what a healthy body and mind is. Our chase of a successful career becomes convoluted as we become prisoners to the power of money and how it can define us. We falter and lose sight of the essentials that make us human and the qualities of a simple and well-rounded life. We have everything we need yet we are conditioned to always wanting more – to chase after the things that we don’t yet have in order to finally attain happiness. Sometimes, when things are not going the way we want them to go, or when we are trying so hard to achieve something that we have not yet acquired, it may be the perfect opportunity to take a step back and remind ourselves of the things that do matter – of what is truly important in the grand scheme of things and what the foundation of being a happy, healthy and living soul really entails.

Everything forward from that realisation then becomes a matter of perspective. Our setbacks and failures we face quickly lose their severities, the source of our unhappiness will be less of a burden once we are reminded to focus only on the things that matter. Focus on these foundations, strive towards the additional cherries on the cake, and give your mind some peace from stressing over the things that should be more of a blessing than a burden.

So with that, filter out the foundations to emphasis on and let go of the things that are simply transitioning you through phases in life. Remind yourself of the people you love, the health that keeps your body alive and your mind working, the places you call home and the values you embody. And let go, of all the things weighing you down that should not be stressing you out for yet another second. This is an emphasis on the things that matter, and a release to all things that don’t.

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