Don’t Let Judgement Cripple You

Be the cookie cutter to your cookie dough, be the choc’late to your choc chip, be the butter to your batter. Your recipe is as unique as your fingerprint, and let no one tell you otherwise.

In a world where we exist among different genders, ages, cultures, religions and practices, breeds a society that behaves through making judgements, forming opinions and vocalising thoughts. It is absolutely normal and innate to adopt these behaviours, and we are able to receive judgement in the form of positive feedback, constructive criticism or to educate ourselves on how others perceive certain things.

It turns into a problem when we become obsessed and fearful of how others think of us and what we do, to a point where it becomes an obstacle for us in pursuing the things we want or affecting us in a way that makes us unable to accept who we truly are. Society’s pressure of having to do things a certain way translates into a crippling sense of fear if we don’t fall into certain sets of rules and guidelines. We then become slaves to other people’s expectations, rather than the rulers of our own potential.

The truth is that people will judge – we do it inherently, some more than others, some a lot harsher and some using their judgement as a catalyst for toxic behaviours, such as putting people down or ridiculing them. How others form their opinions and what they decide to do with these thoughts should be separate from how you make your choices; they should not co-exist in the same space inside your head, they should not correlate in the same equation and they should not be feared as ammunition towards your armour.

In fact, if we are able to accept that whatever we do, regardless of activity or inactivity, that the only certain thing that will come from it is that people will most definitely form their own opinions about us, and if we are able to remove that from our emotions, then we have successfully conquered the ideal ways of living a life free of anybody’s expectations and judgement. Let that sink in and feel the release of society’s opinions vanquish as the burden we carry on our shoulders.

We should not let what others say affect us. We should not let what others think deter us. And we should not let what others believe about us, skew our own beliefs about us. They say that ‘those who matter don’t care, and those who care don’t matter’. The ones who truly support us will fight with us until the very end, and those who don’t support us are simply spectators in this marathon we are running in. We will always come first, and we will always be first, because there shouldn’t be anyone else we are competing with in this marathon besides ourselves.

Judgement will always come. Your neighbours will always have something to say about your lawn – whether it’s too messy, too well-maintained, over-trimmed – the list goes on. Take pride in what you do, and own your life because the only one living it and reaping its rewards, is you.

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