Do Things that Make You Happy; Do Things that Make You Proud

Do what makes you happy and don’t give it another thought. No one has ever felt regret in pursuing something that they genuinely desired, even if it didn’t turn out the way that they had intended.

If there’s one life motto that you should live by, consider adopting this simple philosophy that should be the backbone and purpose behind all of your thoughts, actions and decisions. Often times, as we grow older and are faced with more complex problems that take into consideration interchangeable variables, we over-complicate things in our mind that throw us into a frenzy of distress and indecision.

These decisions and choices in life shouldn’t be overly complicated and shouldn’t drive us into paralysis. In fact, sometimes we realise that the more we go over a problem or a situation in our mind, the more we tend to confuse ourselves with what really needs to be done to eliminate the problem. We find ourselves in vicious cycles of scrutiny and debates among our own minds, when really it should just come down to one ultimate question – Will this make you happy and will it make you proud?

An analysis of whether your decisions or thoughts will bring you happiness and whether you are able to take pride once you have accomplished such things will provide you with clarity whether they are the right things for you to pursue. This can easily be applicable to the people you surround yourself with, the habits that become your daily routine, the lifestyle you choose to life, the words you choose to speak and so much more.

We often make mistakes when we act irrationally, fuelled by a clouded mind that is influenced by our emotions. The flaw in that, is that our emotions are constantly evolving and ever-changing, as well as being highly dependent on external factors that influence how we feel depending on what we are exposed to. The same issue or scenario can be exposed to us at three different times of the day, and all three times they may yield different outcomes simply because we were feeling different emotions during the time those events were presented to us. We can even go as far as planning out something that we aim to do, but when the time comes the outcome is completely different to what we had originally envisioned simply due to our emotional triggers at that time.

This is the very reason why so many of us need a coach to keep them in check or an accountability partner, because it helps to have a third party help you fix your eyes on the prize without being swayed. We need to constantly ask ourselves if what we are doing serves us happiness in any way, shape or form and more importantly, whether we will be proud in doing such things. Sometimes, our happiness may be fleeting and can also change with the currents of our moods, whilst our pride in our actions are more of a fundamental basis within us that is less prone to these fluctuating emotions.

This behaviour may be simple to understand, but difficult to adopt. For example, athletes or movie stars who follow a strict eating plan in pursuit of a goal physique for an upcoming competition or a cinematic feature film might have mapped out all their nutrition goals and meal plans for the entire day ahead, but when faced with multiple challenges such as tempting thoughts, cravings, social events, external pressures or even moments of losing sight of the goal, this may cause them to be thrown off track. When faced with the life motto, they may be happy in attending a big party that does not support their nutrition goals but this feeling of happiness is fleeting. The more important question is whether they will be proud of their choices, and the clear answer here is no, because without a doubt they will be filled with regret when the party is over and they have realised that they have succumbed to external temptations, thus not making clever choices aligned with their targets.

That paints a clear illustration on real life scenarios how sometimes, the answer to whether something will make us happy may not be enough to determine whether we should act upon or pursue something, as in many scenarios, our perceived thought of what makes us happy is simply a phase that will be short lived.

Do what makes you happy, and do what makes you proud. If it doesn’t make you proud, then it doesn’t truly make you happy. I challenge you to ask yourself these two simple questions and pursue everything, big or small, that ticks ‘yes’ to both those check boxes.

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