Choose Your One Peak To Summit

Choose to master one goal at a time. Multiple mountains can be climbed, yet only one can be conquered once you choose which peak to summit. Your vision may be broad, but your focus must be narrow.

Too often we are chasing too many things, applying too many changes and thinking too many thoughts at one time. Our lives are chaotic enough as it is, having to experience and go through external variables that affect us in many different ways. There are so many different things in life that come between our path towards success that gets in the way of what we truly want to achieve. But sometimes, we make that journey much harder for ourselves when we become too greedy in chasing all the things we want, all at once.

Our motivation feeds on our imagination and sometimes, it might feel exhilarating to daydream about driving a luxury car around in a prestigious town we call our neighbourhood with our three-storey mansion perched among one of the rolling hills. On other days, it might feel inspiring to work over twelve hours a day in building and creating something purely from scratch, a project that we envision to eventually call our business. On the days that we aren’t white-knuckling away at our laptops, we are pushing our physical bodies by lifting weights and ramping up our heart rate inside the gym as we admire through our peripheral vision the goal physique of someone we eventually want to look like. And if this doesn’t already fill our seven day schedules up, we are aspiring to be a better person by reading a book a week, catching up with all of our close friends all the while trying to say yes to new social events in the hopes of meeting new people so we can expand our network and associate with other like-minded people.

What we are lacking is a single, straight-arrowed focus towards one goal. Rob Dial in his Mindset and Motivation podcasts uncovers the concept of chasing one rabbit and one rabbit only. In our hypothetical garden of plentiful rabbits hopping around gracefully, we can try to chase numerous different rabbits and we will almost always fail at catching all of them successfully because our focus on any one rabbit will be too short-term and ever-changing. Truth is, we will fail at even catching one rabbit. We will be influenced by different sizes and speed of the rabbits and using different strategies to capture each one. The solution: Ignore the other ten, or twenty, or hundred rabbits and focus on catching one rabbit first, before moving onto the other.

When our life is littered with a plethora of different goals along our spectrum of things we want to achieve in life, our focus and mindset becomes scattered with different strategies that we want to employ in successfully conquering these goals. We become inefficient in execution because we are constantly distracted by an array of different things that we want to do, rather than a razor-sharp focus on pursuing that one thing.

We must understand that in order to achieve that one goal, everything else that we want to do will inevitably remain secondary to this priority. It is unrealistic to have multiple priorities all tied for your first-place attention because that will only result in a lack of dedication and low productivity levels.

Like mountain climbing, there is only one peak to summit. And before you even begin this journey of conquering the summit, you have chosen exactly which peak you are going to reach and most likely have paved out your path to reach that peak. There is absolutely no way to foretell the different variables and obstacles that you will face along the way – extreme weather conditions, landslides, blizzards, falling ill, getting injured, ambushed by a grizzly bear – the list goes on. These are the external variables that will undoubtedly arise when pursuing our ambitions, but the last thing you would do is decide on a different peak to summit simply because of any of the above complications. The peak will always remain the destination, the path and strategy to get there is what changes based on your external circumstances.

Have one goal, chase one rabbit and choose your one peak to summit. Your goal deserves more than 100% of your energy and attention, and having multiple goals in mind will only dilute your performance towards success.

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